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US-2005134549-A1: Display Apparatus patent, US-2005233361-A1: PPARdelta assay patent, US-2005245681-A1: Rubberized walk surface formulation patent, US-2005249490-A1: Viewfinder display apparatus patent, US-2005258912-A1: Voltage controlled oscillator patent, US-2005286703-A1: Method for forwarding a call in a fixed telecommunication's network and such network patent, US-2006005751-A1: Electric sewing machine patent, US-2006010062-A1: Automated banking machine system with multiple browsers patent, US-2006029966-A1: Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same patent, US-2006066203-A1: Conductive diamond electrode and process for producing the same patent, US-2006067538-A1: Acoustic device with a noise reduction unit patent, US-2006075985-A1: Rope-operated actuator for an engine starter patent, US-2006126435-A1: Ultrasound sensor and ultrasound measurement device patent, US-2006134720-A1: Method for analyzing c-terminal amino acid sequence of peptide using mass spectrometry patent, US-2006139262-A1: Organic electroluminescent device and method of driving the same patent, US-2006146988-A1: Early Answer patent, US-2007064892-A1: Image forming device, information processing method, information processing program, and recording medium patent, US-2007088320-A1: Botulinum toxin in treatment of clubfoot relapse patent, US-2007096025-A1: Methods and apparatus for sensor systems patent, US-2007102591-A1: Focused Sound Safety Warning System patent, US-2007126710-A1: Electronic device having symbol inputting function patent, US-2007138234-A1: Technique for stress redistribution patent, US-2007145933-A1: Self-propelled apparatus patent, US-2007148182-A1: Formulation of antigen patent, US-2007157898-A1: Lash adjuster body patent, US-2007190276-A1: High temperature, high strength, colorable materials for device processing systems patent, US-2007194135-A1: Paper tag identified by using radiofrequency and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2007202309-A1: Resin-Coated Metal Sheet patent, US-2007211825-A1: GFSK/FSK Modulation Circuit and Related Method Implemented in A Digital Manner patent, US-2007247626-A1: Optical detection for low optical density web patent, US-2007276137-A1: Process For The Resolution Of Nefopam patent, US-2007297637-A1: Loudspeaker System, Mobile Terminal Device, an Electronic Device patent, US-2008007950-A1: Spread illuminating apparatus patent, US-2008038029-A1: Duplex scanning apparatus patent, US-2008068602-A1: Device for Reading Plates Bearing Biological Reaction Support Microdepositions patent, US-2008093885-A1: Plastic window assembly for motor vehicles patent, US-2008123376-A1: DC/AC adapter assembly patent, US-2008147419-A1: Website for recording/registering real estate buyer/agency agreements or contracts patent, US-2008159736-A1: Light Source Device, Illuminating Device, Monitoring Apparatus, and Projector patent, US-2008173119-A1: Injection-molded resin bevel gear patent, US-2008190365-A1: Hot Melt Application System patent, US-2008201082-A1: Blood image analyzer patent, US-2008259365-A1: Evaluation of calibration precision patent, US-2008271636-A1: Composition for Dental Impression Treatment Material and Preparation Thereof patent, US-2008286256-A1: Methods and Compositions for Killing Spores patent, US-2008294721-A1: Architecture for teleconferencing with virtual representation patent, US-2008304166-A1: Image pickup lens and image pickup device patent, US-2009029475-A1: Method for determining the content of diesel fuel in a lubricating oil of a combustion engine patent, US-2009035218-A1: Systems and methods for tissue imaging patent, US-2009041506-A1: Developing device and image forming apparatus patent, US-2009061475-A1: Methods for Identifying Compounds for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes patent, US-2009072734-A1: Organic el display device, method of manufacturing organic el display device, organic transistor, and method of manufacturing organic transistor patent, US-2009099174-A1: Combination 059 patent, US-2009254013-A1: Massage machine patent, US-2009305832-A1: Vehicle power transmission system patent, US-2009322345-A1: Insulation coated conductor inspection method and inspection apparatus patent, US-2010022013-A1: Direct mass spectrometric anlaysis of aggregates of therapeutic proteins patent, US-2004025029-A1: Biometric system for replacing password or pin terminals patent, US-2004039856-A1: Bidirectional signal transmission of earphone jack for disc drive patent, US-2004044066-A1: Active ingredient combinations comprising insecticidal and acaricidal properties patent, US-2004061124-A1: Selective filtering of wavelength-converted semiconductor light emitting devices patent, US-2004088123-A1: Method for real-time monitoring of cardiac output and blood flow in arteries and apparatus for implementing the same patent, US-2004090270-A1: Apparatus and method for indicating a difference between first and second voltage signals patent, US-2004104464-A1: Plating tail design for IC packages patent, US-2004122260-A1: Process for preparing 2-nitro-4'-fluorobenzophenone patent, US-2004130120-A1: Bicycle with swing arm and transmission patent, US-2004152789-A1: Stable aqueous colloidal dispersion, method for preparing same patent, US-2004234310-A1: Image forming method patent, US-2004251662-A1: Safety device for motor vehicles patent, US-2005008632-A1: Carrier with solid fibrinogen and solid thrombin patent, US-2005012115-A1: Ion sensitive field effect transistor and method for producing an ion sensitive field effect transistor patent, US-2005028726-A1: Method to manufacture Indium Nitride quantum dots patent, US-2005061838-A1: Garment hanger having locking device patent, US-2005083685-A1: Illumination structure with multiple light sources and light integration device in a projection system patent, US-2005088912-A1: Magnetic stirrer with a stirring drive in the form of magnetic coils patent, US-2005101899-A1: Band aid applique patent, US-2005110676-A1: Method and apparatus for satellite-based relative positioning of moving platforms patent, US-2005212573-A1: Clock distortion detector using a synchronous mirror delay circuit patent, US-2005253844-A1: Systems and methods for providing a fine to coarse look ahead in connection with parametrization metrics in a graphics system patent, US-2005257394-A1: Method and a device for drying a water-damaged building patent, US-2005261546-A1: Sonography guided embryo transfer for in vitro fertilization patent, US-2005269959-A1: Pixel circuit, active matrix apparatus and display apparatus patent, US-2005270435-A1: Liquid crystal display with defect reparability patent, US-2006000971-A1: Intelligent sensory platform for wireless two-way sensory surveillance patent, US-2006011936-A1: Fluorescent substance containing nitrogen, method for manufacturing the same, and light-emitting device patent, US-2006016509-A1: Paper machine clothing patent, US-2006037511-A1: Mobile track maintenance machine patent, US-2006073089-A1: Carbon nanotube foam and method of making and using thereof patent, US-2006080144-A1: System and method for providing healthcare management patent, US-2006083847-A1: Novel glycopeptide and peptide having a kokumi taste imparting function, and method of imparting the kokumi taste to foods patent, US-2006085319-A1: Methods and apparatus for routing options orders patent, US-2006115265-A1: Housing with camera and illuminator for fence and security observation patent, US-2006151340-A1: Magnetic card and envelope patent, US-2006159389-A1: Optical switch patent, US-2006185949-A1: Center seeking suspension system patent, US-2006188444-A1: Method for monitoring patient or subject compliance with medical prescriptions, and formulation for use in the method patent, US-2006198436-A1: Bandwidth reduction by one half patent, US-2006211824-A1: Polyolefin graft copolymer, composition and method for producing same patent, US-2006240173-A1: Protein enhanced low carbohydrate snack food patent, US-2007001758-A1: Multiple differential amplifier system and method for transconductance mismatch compensation patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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